​For chromium plating and other metal assembly and finishing operations.

General Smelting has three extrusion presses capable of fabricating lead alloy bars, anodes and Sn/Pb or Pb-free solder wires. Our presses are capable of extruding dimensions from 1/16'' to 11'' in diameter. We have a large selection of dies: round, ribbed, elliptical, rectangular, square, etc. Special dies can be fabricated upon request.

Applications for lead bars and wire solders include:

  • Lead burring (welding)
  • Print circuit board wave soldering
  • Plumbing
  • Stained glass

Applications for lead alloy anodes include:

  • Chromium plating and other metal finishing operations
  • Zinc, copper and nickel refining (see Lead Electrowinning Anodes section for more details)

Lead has great properties such as low melting temperature, high density, corrosion resistance, malleability, relatively low cost, making it a material of choice for a large variety of applications.

Minimum production quantity requirements vary depending on the requested alloy and dimensions.

Please contact us for more details.