​Custom fabricated lead products with unmatched precision and quality for a variety of applications. General Smelting produces pure lead and lead alloy products in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Applications include:

Nuclear, medical and industrial shielding

  • Lead lined containers for safe storage and handling of radioactive wastes
  • Lead sheets and lead bricks for x-ray shielding (see Lead Sheets, Bricks and Pipes section for more details)

Zinc, copper and nickel refining

  • We are a leader in the production of lead alloy anodes for electrowinning applications (see Lead Electrowinning Anodes section for more details)

Counterweight and ballast

  • Elevator weights
  • Aerospace weights
  • Theatrical weights
  • Ship ballast weights
  • Racing car weights
  • Crane and lifting equipment weights
  • Anti-vibration devices

We offer several fabrication options, all of which are performed in house:

  • Casting: Custom mould fabrication for lower run productions where casting is the most cost effective solution.
  • Extrusion: We have three hydraulic presses capable of extruding dimensions from 1/16'' to 11'' in diameter. We have a large selection of dies: round (solid or pipes), ribbed, elliptical, rectangular, square, etc. Special dies can be fabricated upon request.
  • Rolling Mill: We have one of North America's largest lead rolling mills, capable of producing sheets with dimensions up to 2.4m x 6.1m (8' x 20').
  • CNC machining: Numerically controlled precision allows us to fabricate lead or lead alloy products with dimensional and weight tolerances unmatched in our industry.
  • Lead Burning: We have Canada's largest and most experienced lead construction (lead burning) department. We tackle any project involving fabricated lead products in-house or send lead burners to your job site for construction maintenance and repairs. (see Lead Burning Service section for more details).

Send us your specifications and let over 50 years of lead fabrication experience work for you.

Please contact us for more details.