​For applications such as commercial and industrial batteries, wheel balancing weights and counterweights.

General Smelting of Canada has been supplying high quality lead-based alloys for over 50 years.

Major applications include

  • Commercial and industrial batteries
  • Wheel balancing weights
  • Counterweights
  • Lead pressure castings
  • Production conditions optimized and controlled using a Six Sigma approach

We can manufacture a variety of lead-based alloys containing antimony, copper, tin and other non-ferrous metals. Many casting shapes are available (ingots from 7 lbs to 65 lbs / 2000 lbs or 4000 lbs sows with lifting hooks). We can also ship our ingots in self palletizing bundles, thus eliminating problems associated with wooden skids.

Minimum production quantity requirements vary according to requested alloy and casting shape.

Please contact us for more details.