​General Smelting of Canada has Canada's largest and most experienced lead construction (lead burning) department. We can tackle any project involving fabricated lead products in-house or send lead burners to your job site for construction maintenance and repairs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Fabricated Lead Products

  • Sheet lead, up to 2.4m x 6.1m (8' x 20')
  • Pure lead and lead alloy pipes up to 25.4 cm (10'') inside diameter
  • Lead burning bar
  • Extruded lead anodes for chromium plating and other metal finishing applications complete with copper hooks (plastisol-coated or tinned)
  • Grid anodes
  • Contact us with your special request. We have very few limitations when it comes to fabricated lead products.

Lead Equipment

  • WESP mist precipitators
  • Electrode star wire
  • Lead weights
  • High voltage frames and suspensions
  • Deflector cones
  • Lead coils
  • Contact us for any requirement involving fabricated lead products

On-Site Construction, Maintenance and Repairs

  • WESP Mist precipitator rebuilds
  • On-site lead construction and maintenance
  • On-site lead lining of tanks
  • New installations
  • Shutdown lead construction maintenance and projects
  • Homogeneous bonding
  • Inspection service
  • Project supervision, local or international

Contact us before you tackle any project involving lead. Let our experience work for you.