​General Smelting of Canada is a leader in the production and supply of anodes used in zinc, copper and nickel refining. Our electrowinning anodes integrate years of experience, research and development. General Smelting produces anodes combining a laminated (rolled) lead alloy sheet, a unique header bar casting technique and enhanced copper to lead bonding interface resulting in anodes offering a longer lifespan and superior performance. Here are some of highlights relating to our anode production:

Process Efficiency

  • Automated (CNC) cutting precision
  • Workforce highly skilled through training / Kaizen activities
  • Production conditions optimized and controlled using a Six Sigma approach
  • On-time delivery
  • Specialized handling equipment

Integrated Service

  • 100% in-house production
  • Internally controlled workmanship for alloying, head bar tinning and casting, welding, lamination, cutting, packaging

Unique head bar welding technique

Anode straightness

  • Handling equipment and packaging designed to prevent anode warping

Surface finish

  • General Smelting offers a sand blast option to enhance anode performance

Quality control

  • Dedicated equipment to eliminate risk of impurities
  • In-house sampling and analysis
  • Metallographic testing