​For applications such as radioactive shielding, soundproofing, roofing and corrosion-resistant barriers.

General Smelting specializes in fabricated lead products. We have one of North America's largest lead rolling mills, capable of producing sheets with dimensions up to 2.4m x 6.1m (8' x 20'). CNC cutting can be offered for applications requiring higher dimensional precision. We can also fabricate lead bricks (cast interlocked bricks or extruded straight bricks) used in various radioactive shielding applications.

General Smelting also has three extrusion presses capable of fabricating lead pipes, anodes, bricks and other products from 0.16 cm (1/16'') to 25.4 cm (10'') inside diameter. We have a large selection of dies: round, ribbed, elliptical, rectangular, square, etc. Send us your request and we will fabricate the required tooling die if it's not part of our inventory.

Applications for lead sheets, lead bricks and lead pipes include:

  • X-ray and nuclear shielding , medical and industrial (e.g., Linear Accelerator Vaults)
  • Roofing (flashing, moisture barrier)
  • Soundproofing
  • Corrosion-resistant barriers (Acid tank linings)

Lead's great properties – low melting temperature, high density, corrosion resistance, malleability, relatively low cost – make it a material of choice for a great variety of applications.

Minimum production quantity requirements vary depending on the requested alloy and dimensions.

Please contact us for more details.